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I help leaders inspire people to action

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Inspired leaders, inspiring others.


Emerging leaders developing skills directly tied to upward mobility


Established leaders inspiring teams to take action


Entrepreneurs garnering interest and funding for good ideas

I help professionals like you gain confidence in their ability and clarity in their message so they can inspire their audience to take action.

If you are too busy for another predictable course on how to make better PowerPoint slides, you are in the right place.  I get my greatest joy out of helping you reach your public speaking goals and I look forward working with you.

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How I'm Different

Improve the foundation first

Great speakers do more than make eye-contact and avoid filler words. They are narrowly focused on an idea they truly believe in, and they share it with clarity. I take a holistic approach that recognizes these root challenges. When you’re confident in a clear message, you’ll find anxiety is lessened, and your audience is engaged.

Inspiring by building bridges

Maybe one day we can upload information directly to our brains, but until that day, we have to rely on connecting with our audience on a personal and emotional level if we hope to relay information that will stick in their minds. Over millennia, our brains have been conditioned to pay attention to story, and with so many messages calling for attention, we’ve become experts at filtering out only the messages that directly benefit us. I teach you how to leverage these traits to your advantage.

Practice shouldn’t be an afterthought

There is only one proven way to become a more effective public speaker – practice.  That is why in our sessions you will learn by doing.  Throughout our time together I will provide personalized feedback and action items to help you improve.

You are Unique

Your challenges and setting are one of a kind.  My initial goal is to listen to you and understand your needs.  Then I will create training and coaching that is customized to your specific situation.

Welcome to the Family

Past clients include:

  • Major, international bio-tech and pharma companies
  • Big Four accounting firms
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Tech Entrepenuers
  • Emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies
  • Prominent Universities

About Brian

Brian Krogh is a seasoned speaker and coach passionate about helping professionals create and deliver amazing presentations.  ​

Brian’s helped hundreds of professionals deliver compelling presentations and taught public speaking at the undergraduate and graduate level.  In addition, Brian is the Lead Facilitator at Leadership-Link.

Brian lives in the Boston area and is very proud of his three children.  He enjoys traveling and has yet to lose at Seinfeld trivia.

Brian is convinced no one wants to sit through or deliver an uninspiring presentation. Through workshops, and one on one coaching Brian's mission is to help professionals achieve great success by learning to speak so others will listen.

I’ll help you improve in 15 minutes, for free.

I would love to meet you and provide you with some value whether or not we work together long term. Let’s put something on the calendar.