Josh Kolar

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Inspiring investors and customers to support a new idea

As an entrepreneur Josh needed to present his idea to perspective investors so they understood the value of the product and its potential for success.



Entrepreneurs speak to a variety of audiences – investors, customers, and contractors, just to name a few.  Through coaching Josh developed messaging that would be effective for each group.

Once the messaging for each audience was clear, Josh was able to speak with greater confidence in his meetings.



It is a challenge for any speaker to discover clarity in their message.  For an entrepreneur in the tech space, like Josh, being clear can be especially difficult. The entrepreneur is thinking about the market, tech, investors, customers, and business needs. It is easy to get "lost in the weeds," and forget the audience does not always understand or have a need for the technical details.

In our sessions we simplified Josh’s pitch into four clear deliverables. This clarity made him more effective in closing deals with investors and new customers.



driverDOC is one product, which provides different benefits to each stakeholder. Josh left our sessions with tailored messages for investors, customers, and the business community in general. With this messaging and clear deliverables Josh was able to adjust his strategy and connect more effectively with the audience directly in front of him.  

“Brian is a great mentor and coach. He has helped me think through critical conversations and topics for succeeding in my business. He listens and provides great feedback in ways that have helped my overall communication approach. I have learned to be more effective by simplifying my message.”

Josh Kolar

The Results

As a result of our sessions, Josh was able to close his first round of funding after gaining multiple new investors and driverDOC is well on its way to being a great success.

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