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Complex information is difficult to explain; most times it’s even harder to grasp.

How do you close the gap between presenters with technical expertise and listeners who are trying hard to understand?

Brian Krogh connects experts to every audience.

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Brian Krogh is a public speaking expert who understands the unique challenges facing technical experts & their teams.

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Help for Technical Experts


Learn to organize complex information in ways that your audience can easily follow.


Display your expertise on well-composed slides that every audience can understand.


Saying it better means presenting yourself with Authority, Action, and Authenticity.

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Brian Krogh

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Schedule a complimentary 15 minute session. Discover the value of coaching as you work to prepare your next presentation.

Team Training

Even experts have difficulty understanding other experts. Brian Krogh helps teams discover where communication is breaking down and how they can connect with one another more effectively.

Individual Coaching

Brian partners one-on-one with scientists, experts, and leaders in complex industries to create and refine presentations that move your organization forward.

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