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It is difficult to communicate in a world where everyone is speaking and no one has time to listen.

The effort of trying to be heard and remembered in a noisy world leaves presenters feeling anxious and defeated.

Hi! I'm Brian

I help presenters overcome anxiety, and find clarity, so you can inspire others to action.

I Have Been Where You Are

  • nervous to stand up and speak
  • lost in the details
  • worried I'm boring the people in front of me
  • disappointed no one remembers what I said
  • envious of those born with natural charisma

If you feel that too, I have good news, you can become a speaker who inspires others to action!

Great speakers are not born with a secret gift, they develop their skills over time.

I will listen and get to know you and your work from the ground level. Then together we will create a plan to build your confidence and engage your audience with clear, memorable ideas.

My Approach


by understanding the value of your message


by discovering and focusing on key, memorable ideas


by creating a bridge between you and your audience

What Clients Are Saying

I’ll help you improve in 15 minutes, for free.

I would love to meet you and provide you with some value whether or not we work together long term. Let’s put something on the calendar.