Eileen Habelow, Ph.D.

Presentation Review
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Inspiring teams of experts to become expert teams.

In order to achieve success, leaders with technical expertise must develop into expert leaders of people and teams. Eileen is an experienced executive and leader who takes a results-focused approach to inspire teams of technical experts to become expert teams.



As an experienced executive and facilitator, Eileen is quite comfortable onstage and an excellent presenter. Developing confidence in our sessions was less about overcoming anxiety and more about creating confidence that the material being delivered would achieve the desired results.

Through a comprehensive redesign of her presentations, Eileen grew in confidence she was delivering material that would achieve her mission.



The presentation design process resulted in a clear, compelling "Big Idea" and three key objectives for each seminar. In addition we helped Eileen create action items to ensure participants continued to apply the material long after the seminar ended.



With greater clarity around the purpose of each seminar and what participants could expect to learn, a stronger sense of connection between Eileen and her audiences followed.

"If you want your presentations to be engaging and something that people WANT to listen to, then Brian Krogh is someone you need to involve. Brian is great at teaching the concepts that make a presentation interesting, and is also a great coach as you plan your presentation."

Eileen Habelow, Ph.D.

The Results

Feedback from participants shows an increase both in engagement during the seminars and in the desire for participants to apply the lessons learned.

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