Christina Chu

Presentation Review
Group Class

Inspiring corporations and athletes to better health

With health issues, from heart disease to anxiety, rising across America, Christina believes change is best implicated where people typically spend the majority of their day- the office. Christina inspires clients to improve their health and wellbeing through seminars and one on one counseling.



Christina was a participant in one of our public speaking classes. In the classroom we create a supportive learning environment that gives participants the freedom to try new things without feeling judged. Participants present regularly and receive personalized feedback.

Each time Christina presented in a session she received clear, constructive responses from the facilitator and others in her class which allowed her the opportunity to improve her public speaking skills. Through this process Christina grew in confidence each time she took the stage and today is inspiring many to live healthier and more purposeful lives.



Christina benefitted from lessons and activities around developing effective simple, clear ideas. She also learned how to create clear, effective slides that supported her message.



As Christina grew in her focus on the needs of her audience over merely giving information her connection with those in front of her grew. Today, Christina is an engaging and dynamic presenter.

“[Brian] created the spark and gave me the toolbox to prioritize public speaking in my profession as a Registered Dietitian. He's made me passionate about advocating for strong speakers in the field of dietetics, and made me a better speaker and person. I cannot praise [Brian] enough because he has shaped me to become a strong professional."

Christina Chu

The Results

After our class Christina landed her first corporate speaking opportunity. Today, she pitches her services to sport performance facilities, who bring her on the team and recently spoke virtually at a HR conference for hundreds. Christina is a strong voice in the field of performance nutrition

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