Brian Krogh

Improve Your Q&A Skills With This One Tip

I've learned the hard way you cannot sufficiently answer a question until you know why it's asked.

When you're asked a question as a presenter, your brain instantly begins to form an answer.

This results in three unintended consequences:

1. You stop actively listening.

2. You assume you know why the question is asked.

3. Your answer is longer than you want it to be.

The next time a listener lobs a question your direction, lob a clarifying question back.

"Thanks for asking me what makes us different. I'm curious, are you referring to our research approach, technology, or something else?”

This results in three intended consequences:

1. You appear confident and in control.

2. You get real-time data to sharpen your response.

3. Your answer is crisp and clear.

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